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Peer-Reviewed Publications


Hiking the Jenny Lake Loop trail in Grand Teton National Park to sample high elevation white bark pines, June 2013

9. Li G, LM Gerhart, SP Harrison, JK Ward, JM Harris, IC Prentice (2017) Changes in biomass allocation buffer low CO2 effects on tree growth during the last glaciation. Scientific Reports 7:43087

8. Carter JM, ME Orive, LM Gerhart, JH Stern, RM Marchin, J Nagel, JK Ward (2017) Warmest extreme year in U.S. history alters thermal requirements for tree phenology, Oecologia

7. Becklin KM, JT Anderson, LM Gerhart, SM Wadhymar, CA Wessinger, JK Ward (2016) Examining plant physiological responses to climate change through an evolutionary lens. Plant Physiology, 172:635-649

6. Kranabetter JM, KK McLauchlan, SK Enders, JM Fraterrigo, PE Higuera, JL Morris, EB Rastetter, R Barnes, B Buma, D Gavin, LM Gerhart, L Gillson, P Hietz, MC Mack, B McNeil, S. Perakis (2016) A framework to assess biogeochemical responses to ecosystem disturbance using nutrient partitioning ratios. Ecosystems,

5. Gerhart LM, KK McLauchan (2014) Reconstructing terrestrial nutrient cycling using stable nitrogen isotopes in wood. Biogeochemistry, 120: 1-21

4. Fuller BT, SM Fahrni, JM Harris, AB Farrell, JB Coltrain, LM Gerhart, JK Ward, RE Taylor, JR Southon (2014) Ultrafiltration for asphalt removal from bone collagen for radiocarbon dating and isotopic analysis of Pleistocene fauna at the tar pits of Rancho La Brea, Los Angeles, California. Quaternary Geochronology, 22:85-98.

3. Barve, N, AJ Bonilla, J Brandes, JC Brown, N Brunsell, FV Cochran, RJ Crosthwait, J Gentry, LM Gerhart, T Jackson, AJ Kern, KS Oberhauser, HL Owens, AT Peterson, AS Reed, J Soberón, AD Sundberg LM Williams (2012) Climate-change and mass mortality events in overwintering monarch butterflies. La Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad, 83: 817-824.

2. Gerhart LM, JM Harris, JB Nippert, DR Sandquist, JK Ward (2012) Glacial trees from the La Brea tar pits show physiological constraints of low CO2. New Phytologist, 194:63-69.

See also, Tissue & Lewis 2012 commentary on the above paper.

1. Gerhart LM, JK Ward (2010) Plant responses to low CO2 of the past. Invited Tansley Review. New Phytologist, 188:674-695

Other Publications

2. Gerhart, LM (2013) Glacial Tree Physiology: Using Stable Isotopes to Reconstruct Plant Responses to Environmental Change Since the Last Glacial Period, Ph.D. dissertation, University of Kansas. Available via KU ScholarWorks

1. Gerhart, LM (2013) House, Senate Committees investigate meningitis outbreak, Issues in Science and Technology 29 no 2 (Winter 2013).

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